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Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Review (Spoilers!)

Author:  MikeW Date: 2020-03-31T02:20:13+00:00

Westworld Logo

Well here is my review of Season 3 ep 3 "Absence of Field". Sorry, just didn't have time to for last week but I will try to write at least a little something moving forward.

The New Hale

The show starts with a flash back of Hale leaving a message to her son during the uprising. Then we are back in the real world with Dolores bringing Hale online. The host is Hale is FREAKED out. Doesn't know where she is or who she is. Dolores calms her down and gives her a pep talk. Hale makes several statements supporting the fact that she was in the park during the uprising. She knows what Hale did and who Bernard is. The host seems very unsure of herself.

Thoughts: This is just after Dolores has passed her mind into her own body. So Dolores had been playing Hale up to this point. So the new host, whoever he or she is, is playing catch up a lot in this episode.

We flash back to Hale at Delos HQ in San Francisco. She sees a demo of the new Delos riot control robot. Delos made 300 of these. Irene (an exec) tells Charlotte that she has found a secret investor who has bought 38% of the company. They can't go private now. In fact, there person is the largest shareholder in the company now. The buyer is anonymous but analysis shows about 1 trillion in wealth missing from the worlds economy. Probably the person (Serac) behind this. Charlotte tries to get a hold of Dolores.

Saving Dolores

Flash back to Dolores dying in the tunnel. Caleb calls an ambulance which arrives to take her to the hospital. Caleb goes with the ambulance. The computer in the ambulance can't read Dolores' vitals and don't know what to do. Caleb, because of his military training starts treating here for shock.

They are stopped by cops. Calebs crime app tells him the cops have been paid to kill her. A cool fight ensues. The emts are killed by the bad guys. Dolores and Caleb finish off the bad guys. Dolores shows some amazing feats of strength. Dolores warns Caleb to go underground as she drives away in the police car. She gets Caleb's name (Caleb Nichols) before she leaves.

Problems at Home

While Hale is having a reflective moment, Irene tells him Serac is behind the buy out. The man is a black hole andl does not exist, but she can infer he is worth a trillion dollars. Delos bought some data from Delos 20 years ago.

Charlotte goes home (a fancy Penthouse). Here ex husband is there. They make out a bit. She forgot to pick up their son from school. He's angry when she acts like she doesn't remember their son. She talks to the kid he says he wants his old mommie back.

Next morning, Charlotte find out that Maeve is missing. Whoever stole her, had admin level access to the park. There is a mole in Delos! Chalotte is having a nervous break down. She calls Dolores and tells her she is coming to her.

She waits for Dolores in a fancy hotel. Dolores shows up and Hales is freaked out!!! They go up to a room. Charlotte has been cutting herself. Charlotte tells Dolores about take over and the mole. Dolores fixes her up and loves her up a bit.

Caleb has a Bad Day

Caleb visits his mother. She doesn't recognize him. Two thugs pick up Caleb and proceed to beat him up and question him. He won't give up Dolores.

After Hale falls asleep she checks on Caleb. Calls tough Scottish host. Finds out he is in trouble. Dolores to the rescue. The bad dudes turn on his implant and start messing with him like you would a host. His work robot shows up and falls off the roof. Dolores rescues him in the nick of time. Dolores introduces herself.

Thought: His mom not recognizing him repeatedly seems like a hint at something. My guess, he was badly injured in the military and has mostly hosts parts in his body? Something like that. Still doubt that he is a host host.

Breakfast with Dolores

Caleb tells Dolores they were going to kill him for information. Whatever she has done must be pretty bad. Dolores offers to buy him breakfast.

Hale goes back to work. See the video human Hale sent to her son from the park. She goes to pick up her son and find a bad dude taking too much interest in her son. While her son is getting ready to leave. Hale chokes the guy to death and takes his dog. She tell the dude as she kills him that she remembers now, she is a predator too. (This points to Angela or Armistice as the pearl. It sure sounds like Armistice.)

Dolores takes Caleb to his spot. Knows everything about his worst childhood memory. Even produces a transcript of what he said to a waitress who took care of him. When his was 8 yrs old, this is the spot where is mom's scitzophrenia first kicked in and she left without him. The fact that this much data exists on him, enrages Caleb. Dolores "It's not about who you are Caleb, it's about who they will let you become."

Dolores takes Caleb to a pier. This is where he will kill himself 10 to 12 years from now. She goes on the explain that in a normal world, he might be someone who got ahead. But the AI in this one, will not let him succeed. You see a computer screen that says he should not be allowed to do anything but manual labor, not get married, not have kids. The outcome of his life is fixed in this world. Dolores tells him about her revolution. He decides to throw in with Dolores, no matter what the outcome.

Thought: Caleb is really changing Dolores' perception of humans. Maybe the plight of a normal human is not much different from a host.

Hale Host Theories

There are a number of theories about which host is playing Hale. Here are my thoughts.

Most likely Angela or Armistice

Support for this theory:



I would just like to try my hand at a couple of predictions.

Viewing ISO Images on MacOS 10.15 Catalina

Author:  MikeW Date: 2020-03-23T19:51:40+00:00

Post Icon Just a quick blurb. Yesterday I was installing Ubuntu Linux 18.04 on VMWare Fusion on my Mac. Much to my chagrin, I noticed that DiskImagerMounter could no longer mount any of the new Linux distros. Throwing a no mountable file systems error on Debian and RedHat distros. My guess... There is a new filesystem used for those images that the utility can't read.

Anyway, I just want to test the integrity of the iso. So I found a workaround.

Install 7zip on MacOS

Just install the wonderful 7zip utility on MacOS.

That will list the contents of the iso so you can be sure that it is readable. An easy check with little overhead.

Westworld Season 3 ep 1 Review (Spoilers)

Author:  MikeW Date: 2020-03-18T02:43:41+00:00

Westworld Logo

Westworld Season 3 is here! Yay! Season 2 seems a lifetime ago (2 years), which is a long time to wait. But we are finally here. This review contains SPOILERS! So if you don't want to know anything about season 3. Read no further!!!!!!!

Note on Timeframes: Westworld has the habit of jumping around time lines. So when I can place the timeframe for a scene I will.

Dolores Visits the ATM

(Timeframe: Westworld Robot Revolution has just happened.)

The ep starts out with rich white asshole dude (Jerry) at his amazing house on the ocean. Clearly he's a jerk. He is rude to his Chinese wife, and yells at his broker cause he can't sell his Delos stock (the death toll at the park from the "accident" hasn't been confirmed so trading has been slowed). Later that night, he goes to bed, an AI that controls the security system and house turns the light out.

Rich asshole awakes to loud opera music. His house is acting funny and his AI can't help him. He sees a beautiful blond woman swimming in his pool. It's Dolores (Evan Rachael Wood) of course! She has hacked his house and has complete control.

Rich asshole asks who she is and Dolores replies that they met at the park. He was there for his bachelor party before his first marriage. He asks if she is going to hurt him and she says only if you try to hurt me. (Plot point: A big attitude change from season 2!) Dolores puts VR glasses on Rich asshole and has him relive the murder of his first wife several times. Dolores has read his book and knows everything about him. This of course upsets rich asshole.

Plot Point: An important implication here. Not only does Dolores have the personality algorithm of any guest book she read, she also has ALL of their memories. This would truly make it possible to replace a human with a host.

Dolores informs rich asshole that she has stolen most of his money and would also like the software code he stole from the company where he made his money, Incite (Plot Point The antagonist company for this season). Rich asshole signs over the encrypted data to Dolores. As she leaves, rich asshole tries to kill Dolores with a golf club. She tricks his vision with the VR glasses, he misses her, falls into the pool hitting his head and killing himself. Dolores leaves a very wealthy person.

Note: Dolores states that she is alone at this point. She has not built Bernard apparently. But the Hale host must exist.

Caleb and Uber for Crime

Now we meet Caleb (Aaron Paul) a construction worker who runs fiber for highrises. Caleb is introduced through conversations with his friend Francis. Throughout the first part of the ep, Francis keeps calling Caleb, but he doesn't answer. We see Caleb working with a Delos robot named George. Caleb talks about getting his scores up so he can get a better job. His job pays most of the bills, but not quite enough.

Plot point: Francis asks Caleb if he will get his "implant" turned back on. He says no, he doesn't need it. This is an Incite controlled device. It will probably be imporant this season.

He visits his mother in a care facility. She doesn't recognize him. (Plot Point: Does she have Alzheimers or is there something more this. Hmmm....) He talks to a nurse and is clearly having trouble making ends meet.

On his way home Caleb pulls up the "Rico" crime app. Pull up a job, agree to do it and the app sends you to your crime location. Caleb agrees to a job. He picks up a backpack and is then directed to meet his team for the job. He notes that he does not do personals. (Plot Point: Personals are murder or kidnapping.) Caleb is clearly frustrated that there seems to be no options for him because of his "scores".

Caleb meets up with Ash (Lena Waithe) and Giggles (Marshawn Lynch) to do the job. He clearly enjoys the company of other "outcasts" and has worked with Ash before. Ash seems to be the leader and has some high tech gadgets to prevent detection. Giggles appears to be the muscle and comic relief. Their job is to rob an ATM. Ash thinks Caleb should do personals but he has no interest in that. They cleanly and easily rob the ATM and escape.

The Return of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson)

(Timeframe: It has been 3 months since the robot uprising.)

Hale arrives for a Delos board meeting. Many of the board clearly don't like her. They want to sell the parks. (Hale mutes a dude when he tries to virtue signal that he cares about the employees. Cool! lol) Hale thinks since it was just the board and employees that died, the accident just ads additional danger cred to the parks reputation making them even more popular in the future. Charlotte is planning to take Delos private given the low share price. (Thoughts: She is right on the business. The rest of the board are weak idiots.) A board member points out she can't does this without "his" approval (implying the Man in Black methinks). He has appointed a robot proxy in his place who agrees with Charlotte. We find out that Hale has pinned the robot uprising on Bernard (Jeffrey Wright)!!!

Big plot hole: If the police find Bernard and jail him, they will surely figure out he is a host tipping off the world to their existence. Seems like a terrible idea to me. Makes absolutely no sense. The only reason to do this is to give Bernard a reason for hiding. But he is a freaking robot, he needs to hide anyway!

Bernard Lowe, Industrial Butcher

Rather than getting a coding job or becoming the world's greatest hacker, Bernard is in the middle of nowhere working at meat packing plant as a butcher. To change his appearance he shaved his head and added a beard. When not working, he spends all his time in a yert testing his code to see if it has been tampered with.

My Opinion: WTF!!! This is freaking stupid. Who would mess with his code??? He could see another host coming a mile away. And there are likely only 2 others in the real world! I don't get the point of this. Silly.

London Calling for Dolores

Dolores arrives in London for date with Liam (Liam Dempsey played by John Gallager Jr). She has a super cool dress that changes styles at the push of a button. Liam is the son of a Steve Jobs type dude that built Incite. He is very rich and high up in the company. Dolores arrives at a fundraiser or award banquet in Liam's honor. After dinner, one of Liam's friends suggests that they are living in a simulation. (Theory: Many people on Reddit have postulated that the entire Westworld show is just a simulation. I sure hope not, because I think that will be just as satifying as Game of Thrones Season 8.)

Dinner is interrupted by tough Scottish guy (Martin played by Tommy Flanagan). Tough Scottish guy tells Liam that their partners want a meeting and he should take it. Dolores agrees to travel to LA with Liam.

Caleb and the System

His story is still told with conversations with Francis. We learn they served together in the Military. He goes to an interview in a suit and a tie. (Weird, but almost no one in tech wears a tie anymore. Jacket only for most jobs now.) He meets his shrink. They talk about him not taking calls from Francis. His shrink seems to think he isn't trying hard enough. Caleb is not sure about the whole system. More military flashbacks.

Caleb takes a "party cleanup" criminal job. A rich dude is freaked out on drugs. They are there to drug him and take him away. If the police show up, he would do serious jail time. Caleb feels more and more like the system is rigged.

Dolores arrives in LA

Liam take Dolores to LA in an air ship thingy. He shows her the AI system that is controlling the world "Rehoboam" (the System). (In the Bible, Rehoboam is the son of Solomon and a bad King. He doesn't listen to is advisors and loses most of his kingdom.) The computer is a giant ball in a large office building. (Probably not very realistic, but the giant ball looks cool!) Their date is interrupted by tough Scottish guy. The partners want a meeting NOW!

Liam leaves Dolores to go to the meeting. Dolores follows on a motorcycle, James Bond style, with some cool gadgets. She secretly watches and listens to Liam's meeting as he talks to Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy. Liam's partners think someone is messing with the System and its not them. They threaten to kill him unless he fixes the problem.

Benard Kicks Butt

Two dudes at the meat plant recognize Bernard and are planning to turn him in for a big reward. Using a remote control, Bernard turns himself in a terminator and kicks their butt. He then leaves where he has been hiding.

Thoughts: It's like Bernard has regressed to the begining of season 2. No plan, no guts, just a useless muttering mush ball. I would expect some level of maturity after all he has been through. But alas, he is just a wimpering piece of mush, still.

To Live and Die in LA

Cabeb takes a call. He didn't get the job. When he asks how he could improve for his next interview, he quickly realizes he is talking to a generic HR AI.

Dolores is hanging out at Liam's home. He's upset about the death threat. He reveals to Dolores that he doesn't know anything about the system. His father's partner, locked him out when his Dad died. Just when he is about to tell her his name, tough Scottish guy walks in and tasers and drugs her. He explains that the name Lara Espen was stolen from a dead Ukrainian child. (Which makes NO sense since she isn't pretending to be Ukrainian.) Liam agrees to tough Scottish guy taking Dolores away and killing her.

Plot Point: Clearly neither the taser or the drugs have any affect on Dolores. She has setup this situation on purpose to get tough Scottish guy in the open.

Caleb is hired to deliver an SUV and a package to where tough Scottish guy is gonna land his air car with Dolores. (The streets are AMAZINGLY empty for a big city.) Tough Scottish guy and his pals climb into the SUV with Dolores and drive off with another SUV to a nearby location to dump the body.

Caleb finally takes the call from Francis. Turns out Francis is an AI of the real Francis that is supposed to help Caleb deal with his grief. After the AI tries to get Caleb to conform to the system, Caleb rejects the AI totally. The plan he and Francis formulated had nothing to do with conformity. Caleb unsubscribes from further help from the AI.

Tough Scottish guy is gonna make Dolores death look like a drug overdose. They start giving her lethal doses of the drug. Just then a car drives up. A twin of tough Scottish guy is sitting in the car. When tough Scottish calls for help, all hell breaks lose. Dolores frees herself and starts killing henchmen. She kills them all except for tough Scottish guy who flees in the other SUV.

Tough Scottish guy drives back to the park where the air car is with Dolores in pursuit. As he makes his way to escape, Dolores shoots him in the stomach and leg. Dolores reveals that tough Scottish guy met her in the park. The twin of tough Scottish guy (clearly a host) walks up and kills him. Not before tough Scottish guy reveals the system architect is named Serac. Host tough Scottish guy jumps into the air car and flys away. Dolores takes on 3 more henchmen. Defeating them, but taking some damage in the process. (Thoughts: Dolores's gun has unlimited bullets.)

Caleb meets Dolores in a walking tunnel as she collapses into his arms.

Somewhere in Asia, Bernard hires a fishing boat to take him to Westworld.

Post credits Maeve is shown in Warworld.

Episode Thoughts

Westworld Season 3 - Hidden Trailers

Author:  MikeW Date: 2020-02-24T05:59:02+00:00

Westworld Logo

Westworld Season 3 is coming out soon, March 15. So on Friday, some fans discovered three hidden trailers on one of the HBO Westworld web sites. You can get the details from this IGN story.

List of Videos

So here are the videos with the titles for each one.

Quite a bit more information provided here which I will comment on in other posts.

Netflix The Witcher TV Series HQ

Author:  MikeW Date: 2020-01-21T04:56:07+00:00

NetFlix the Witcher Logo
I'm starting a new feature on my site, content HQ pages. Information on TV shows and movies that I am currently watching or plan to watch. Each HQ page is a landing page for a show with links to the key information and the latest stories.

The first page is up for Netflix's the Witcher. Enjoy! Still working on a system for feedback, but will post on that once I figure something out.

Watchmen TV Show - Quick Review (4/10)

Author:  MikeW Date: 2019-12-17T03:32:45+00:00

Post Icon First, here is my quick spoiler resistant review of the Watchmen TV show on HBO. Spoilery comments follow after the main review.

Watchmen Movie/Comic is a Requirement

To have any chance to recognize some of the characters and to understand the context, you will need to read the comic book:

or watched the movie:

To sum up, Watchmen is a comic book story about heroes in an alternative history. The comic takes place in the 1980s. The United States won the Vietnam war and Nixon is still president. The Watchmen were a group of hero/vigilantes who operated during and after the war. However, their activities have been outlawed when the story picks up. The world is on the brink of nuclear war between the US and and USSR. The heroes in the story are very human with flaws and limitations. Two of the more super powered heroes, Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias, are featured characters in the Watchmen TV show.

Watchmen TV Show Context

The TV show takes place in 2019 of the Watchmen universe. The story follows Angela Abar a policewoman in Tulsa, OK. Several years preceding the show, the police were attacked by a white supremacist group called the 7th Calvary (the name comes from the calvary unit involved in Custer's Last stand). In present day, the police wear masks and the police detectives essentially dress like costumed heroes. The police are on alert as Calvary activity seems to be picking up after years of inactivity, since the previously mentioned attack on the police.

Thoughts on the Show

The show is hard to describe. Essentially it is a cop/detective murder mystery in 9 episodes. The show doesn't really have much to do with the Watchmen comic book or movie. Essentially, Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias, are woven into the story as part of the "mystery" elements. If you are looking for a standard comic hero show or a Watchmen show, you have come to the the wrong place.

The themes of the show are sort of a mishmash. There is a big focus on past racism in the 1920s and 1940s, including the 1921 Tulsa race riot. However, apparently nothing has been learned from those terrible times as the police in the show randomly pick up poor white folks and beat/torture them without any due process. All the Calvary characters are standard 2d villains that are just there as cannon fodder.

Not much heroic happens anywhere in the show. The police are essentially armed thugs. The main character severely beats a suspect and covers up a murder. Several of the main characters are remorseless narcissists trying to control the world in some way.

In the end I found the show kind of meh. The show is not well written. It is just several disconnected story threads forced together. The acting is good. There are a few good episodes toward the end of the season. But most of the characters, save one or two, are unlikeable. Anyway, I will not be buying the DVD/BlueRay set or watching this show again. Do yourself a favor, read the comic or watch the movie. Your time will be better spent there.

Watchmen TV Show Spoilers and Thoughts!!!!!!

Spoilers start here. If you don't want the show spoiled, read no further...

Changes from the Movies/Comics

The TV show creators changed a lot of stuff from the movies and comics and most of them are very annoying.

So to sum up, this show has very little to do with the Watchmen. The only thing related to the Watchmen is the name. This is a cop show with a couple hero characters thrown in.

Trailer Parks Bad

Apparently, all white supremacists live in a trailer park. Or in the case of the TV show, one trailer park. Having grown up in the rural west in a trailer park, the TV show's portrayal of rural folk seems a bit slanted. By Hollywood standards, I suppose we were all poor. But we didn't feel that way. Plus our little towns are way more diverse than any big city. Maybe the writers of the show should leave their gated communities once in a while?

Plot Holes and More Plot Holes

This is one of the shows you don't really want to think about. Otherwise, you come up with a lot of questions.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Explained Finally

Author:  MikeW Date: 2019-10-30T18:53:17+00:00

Post Icon Ever since season 8 of Game of Thrones ended, we have wondered, what happened. Did Dan and Dave just phone it in because of all that Star Wars money? They just didn't care? Or maybe they are just incompetent. Well folks, its beginning to look like the latter. To their credit, Dan and Dave were brutally honest about their Game of Thrones experience at the Austin Film festival over the weekend (Oct 26-27, 2019).

Forbes - Worst suspicions confirmed

This is a great overview of the interview.

Boy Genius Report: ‘Game of Thrones’ creators confirm that they had no clue what they were doing

Complete list of the live tweets from the Austin event.

Key highlights for me included:

Based on this, what amazes me is how good seasons 1 - 7 are compared to season 8. They could have ruined the show much earlier on.

The Boys Quick Review (7/10) on Amazon Prime

Author:  MikeW Date: 2019-08-13T03:07:50+00:00

Post Icon The Boys is an 8 episode comic series on Amazon Prime based on a comic book with the same name. The Boys takes place in comic universe where super heroes a little more human than in the Marvel or DC universe. Heroes and heroines are more media stars and actors than real heroes even though they have super powers. The Boys are formed to keep the supers in line.

Review (Spoilers start here!)

Well my intro describes how the Boys were portrayed in their trailers. The shows reality is a little bit different.

The basic story starts with an average techie named Hughie. After a long day of work, he is ready to head home to spend some time with his girlfriend. Just as they are about to leave, a super named ATrain (based on the Flash) runs into Hughie's girl turning her into a red mist. The incident is passed off as an accident, but Hughie knows better. He then meets a man named Butcher who sets him off on a path of revenge and adventure.

Butcher turns out to be some sort of retired or fired spook who hates all supers (with good reason we find out) and is just plain out for murder. He reforms his old CIA team along with Hughie and they set out to right some wrongs. But are really out to just flat out murder some supers to start with. Hughie and Butcher form the yin and yang of the series, with one wanting to murder all supes and the other only wants to kill the bad ones.

The supers turn out to be a very unlikable bunch. The main hero group is called "The Seven" who are this shows version of the DC Justice League. Most of the characters are based off of DC characters (Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash). Although, they are heroes in public, when the cameras are gone they are drug addicts, rapists, and even murderers. In fact the Boys first encounter with supes is when one of the 7 comes to kill Hughie for planting a bug in their main meeting room.

The 7 are run by the Vought Corporation who make huge profits off their movies (which the heroes star in), action figures, appearances, license fees, you name it. Super heroes are big business and Vought have it down to a science. The other main story line is about a female super heroine named Starlight. A Christian girl from Iowa who thinks being a hero is about fighting crime and being heoric. Is she in for a suprise!

That's the basics, I'll leave the rest of it for you learn about while watching the show.

My Issues with the Boys

Thinks to like

The Boys Rating

Rating: 7/10
Maturity Rating: Hard R

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Mad Queen Season 8 Rewrite/Outline

Author:  MikeW Date: 2019-05-28T02:45:49+00:00

Post Icon This is a brief outline of how to fix season 8 of Game of Thrones “mad queen“ storyline. This requires little or no changes to the existing season. However, it provides Danny’s character some agency at the end, and makes the ending clearer.

The basic point would be to change Dany's "madness" to an actual disease, like the onset of schizophrenia. An actual affliction that gets worse over time and would be extremely dangerous for a person that rides dragons.

This scenario is an overlay, as this theme could be overlaid onto the original season 8 or any of the alternatives proposals on this site. The end result is her death at her own hands so she dies while still mostly sane. She sacrifices herself to prevent the reign of another mad monarch.

Changes to Dany's Relationships

Dany's relationships would essentially flip from the original season 8 portrayal. The whole isolation and loneliness crap in the original season 8, at best, seems like quite a stretch given the characters development in the past 7 seasons. Her behavior would likely be the exact opposite of what is written in season 8.

Jon Snow and Dany

Jon and Dany would get engaged as soon as is practical. They are together and it is clear they stay together for the season. Finding out about his real father and mother sets their relationship back for about 5 minutes. Both characters stay true to the past 7 seasons.

Dany and Sansa

Dany rather than pulling away from Sansa when she asks about the North, she leans into breaking the wheel. She discusses her idea, stated by Tyrion in ep 6, and talks about picking Kings and leaders rather than heredity rule. She also suggests each of the seven kingdoms should be more independent and becomes the Westerosi James Madison and implies a federalist system. She and Sansa start to become friends and allies.

Dany and Northerners

Rather than being a stand offish wallflower, Dany charms the people of the North. Her first speech she talks about defeating the dead and then crushing Cersei. She implies that if they win, there will remain a King in the North. At the frat party in ep4, she is the life of the party and dances with both Northerners and Wildlings. This would be more consistent with the character in the last 3 or 4 seasons.

Onset of Madness

Starting in ep 1, Dany starts to have paranoid spells. First, Jon and Missandei find Dany in her room ranting about how Cersei's spies are everywhere and want to kill her. Jon and Missandei are able to calm her down. Missandei admits this has happened before, but rarely. Recently, there has been an increase in them. Jon and Missandei are concerned.

In ep 2, in the middle of the night, Jon observes another episode of mad ranting and paranoia. He handles it. Jon is more concerned.

In ep 4, in the early hours Dany has another paranoid episode in the courtyard. This is witnessed by Tyrion and Varys along with Jon. Missandei and Jon are able to calm her down. Jon tells his sisters. Everyone is sad and concerned.

Raegal never gets killed by the stupid scorpions. Those stupid weapons only worked when Bronn had the element of surprise and was very close to the dragon. There are no dragon seeking missiles with a range of 5 miles.

Also, Varys never gets executed because he never has to do any scheming.

A Crisis of Madness

In ep 5, Dany destroys Euron's fleet and the scorpions. The city surrenders and Dany's troops meet up outside the city walls. Dany meets with Jon and Greyworm. As Dany sees Lannister troops and Kings Landing citizens leaving the city, she has a paranoid episode believing the surrendering troops and citizens are Cersei's spies come to kill her.

Dany mounts Drogon and the two dragons kill some surrendered Lannister troops and a few Northerners and Dothraki guarding them. She then proceeds to destroy the city and Red Keep as she did in ep 5. This time she is ranting the whole time while the city burns. In the final scene of the attack, she lands in the throne room and has the dragons melt the iron throne. She then passes out.

Madness Ended

Raegal comes and and gets Jon and takes him to the Red Keep throne room. Dany is there passed out on floor. Dany wakes up and is herself again. She is confused how she got there. She tells Jon she remembers winning but not much else. Jon takes her to an open wall/window and they see the city burning. Jon tells her the truth. Dany is devastated. She and Jon talk about their plans for destroying the wheel again and freeing the slave cities. While they kiss, Dany takes Jon's dagger and stabs herself in the heart.



Dany is buried on Dragonstone where she was born. Everyone is sad. The dragons stay with Jon. He can only ride Raegal as no one ever rides Drogon again.

Jon is High King

Jon rules as High King Aegon the Liberator and breaks the wheel as Dany had planned. The slave cities are freed. Rulers are chosen by councils or families. The seven kingdoms thrive under more decentralized rule. This leads to 1000 years of peace and prosperity.

After 30 years Jon abdicates to a successor and retires to the north. He lives out his days with family and spends a great deal of time hunting and traveling with wildlings.

My Suggested Character Changes

Each characters fate is the same unless otherwise noted here. You could pretty much leave things as they were originally written in season 8 with only minor tweaks.


The dragons are key to liberating slave cities in Essos and stabilizing the new free cities created by Jon's reign. The dragons do breed and have hatchlings, but never multiply in large numbers. Maybe a maximum of 30 dragons at a time total in the world.

The best and brightest of Westeros (men and women) are trained as dragon riders. Dragon riders are considered part of the King's guard. The dragons choose their riders while they are still quite young. If a rider dies, a dragon will choose a replacement or no one. Some dragons will allow multiple people to ride them (Raegal is like this).

Bank of Bravos

Jon and Tyrion show up at the bank riding Raegal and with Drogon also along. They renegotiate the debt of the crown and get amazingly favorable terms. :) This would make a great post credits scene.

Westworld end of Season 2 FAQ

Author:  MikeW Date: 2018-07-04T03:28:22+00:00

With Westworld season 2 over, the least I can do is to create this list and help out the dazed and confused fans. So here goes.

Note: I will be updating this list periodically

The Cradle

What is the cradle?

A giant server farm in the Mesa that performs 2 functions.

  1. A backup of each host's mind.
  2. A virtual simulator used to train and create host minds.

What happened to the cradle?

It was blown up by Angela setting 3 floors of the Mesa on fire.

Deep thought Stuff

What is the door?

  1. A host progressing from an unaware state to a woke state. Typically, a woke host can remember all their past lives.
  2. A magnetic field used to transfer a host mind to the Valley Beyond.
  3. A physical exit from the park. For Dolores, the rescue boat.

Is the Man in Black a host?

No. He is a human in seasons 1 and 2. At the end of season 2 in the credits, the Man in Black is in the distant future. In that future, he is either a clone of William or a host version. That is yet to be determined.

Is Emily/Grace a host?

No. She was human up until William killed her. In the far future, should could be a host or clone. That is yet to be determined.

Is Stubbs a Host?

Yes. Ford made him the head of security to protect the hosts, not the guests. Sneaky!

Tech Stuff

What is a mesh network?

A wireless network created ad hoc from other wireless networks. Basically, each host has their own router. When another hosts shows up, the two routers connect and create a 2 host network. Each additional host is added to the network. Thus a complex network is created organically. The main point is, the network is created on the fly. Any host can join just by showing up.

Why could the hosts shoot humans in season 2?

Ford programmed the system so that the guns read humans as hosts.


Why can't QA shoot straight?

Why can bad guys never shoot straight? If you are bad, your aim just sucks. Unless it needs not too.

How many employees were in QA?

Probably 1 or 2 thousand. Probably 1 for each regular employee. At least that is what it felt like because they kept dying and there were still replacements. In fact, there is a steady stream of QA new hires constantly entering the park from all indications. :)

Valley Beyond

What is the Valley Beyond?

A virtual world simulation running in the Forge. Think of it as a giant video game. Instead of by populated by NPCs, it is populated with awoke host minds. In the last episode, Dolores copied the simulator code along with the host minds to an undisclosed location.

What is the Forge?

The server farm used to study the data collected from Human guests. The Forge both stores data and is used to run simulations for human minds. In addition, the Forge also stored the Valley Beyond.

How did Teddy get to the Valley Beyond?

After Teddy killed himself, Dolores cut out his brain ball and took it with her. When she finally took control of the Forge, she added Teddy to the Valley Beyond before moving it to an undisclosed location.

How did Akecheta's wife, Kohana, get into the Valley Beyond?

Logically, Ford put her there through Bernard. As Bernard had visited the place many times, it would be easy enough to bring her brain ball. Then write some code such that if Akecheta is present in the Valley, she is activated. Which is what happened.

Why were one third of the host brain balls virgin? What does that mean?

Digital data is stored in 0's and 1's. When a new hard disk leaves the factory, it is low level formatted and all the data is set to 0's. This would be a considered a virgin state for a storage device. So when the the hosts minds were scanned, instead of their brain balls containing random data, they were all zeros.

Passing through the door extracted all the mind data and then left zeroes in its place. Why? This way the woke host minds could not be copied or studied.

What was the door?

A magnetic field that the hosts passed through to go to the Valley Beyond. When each host passed through the field, an exact copy of their mind was transferred to the Valley Beyond simulation. The host brain ball was erased of all data.

Westworld Season 3 - Thoughts and Theories

Author:  MikeW Date: 2018-07-02T04:29:50+00:00

With season 2 of Westworld over, it is a great time to make season 3 predictions. So here is my take.

Time Jump (2 to 5 years)

There will be some sort of time jump to start the season. There has been one already when Dolores created a new Bernard. Maybe not years, like the first time, but I would think maybe a few months. She would have a perfect memory of how to do that task.

Expect that the publicity fallout from the Westworld robot uprising has already taken place. Westworld itself is probably closed. Given the gala was there, it probably had the most deaths and witnesses. I can't imagine anyone would consider the park safe after the incident. The less violent parks like the Raj are still going probably, and we will get to see the 3 remaining parks. My guess is the events of the uprising will lead to a long term decline for the Delos and the parks.

Team Dolores will be working toward taking control of the parks. Why? Because that is the best source of new hosts. Also, we will find out who is on Team Dolores. Who were in the 5 brain balls taken from the park.

Procreation Problems

The biggest problem the hosts will have to solve next season is procreation, how to make more hosts. The season ended with only 3 hosts escaping the park: Dolores, Hale(?), and Bernard. Hard to take over the world with three.

So the question becomes, what is the best way to move forward.

The show hasn't really explored these ideas much. Clones/copies could be a very powerful option. You could trust yourself implicitly and synchronize your memories between host bodies. Computer systems actually work like this today. Multiple copies of the same server or program share the load. It would seem like a logical option for hosts. In addition, you would not have to make a copy look exactly the same. The Hale host could still have a Dolores brain ball in it for example.

Sublime Speculation

The writers are calling the Valley Beyond (the Sublime). Dolores mentioned there was no pathway between the worlds. The Sublime is hidden and encrypted. There is no way for us to get to it.

But the way computers actually work, the path would only be blocked one way, from our world to theirs. The simulation physically exists on a server someplace. You could see it and know that it does something, you just couldn't access the internal processes. But unless, Dolores put the Sublime in a place completely isolated from the Internet (which she didn't because you had to copy the code someplace over a network), the minds in the Sublime should be able to see out.

Having the host minds observe our world would be interesting to explore. Time for the Sublime probably moves faster than the real world. For example, Dolores created 120,000 different Bernards over a few years. Whereas, William only created 150 Jim Delos clones in 30 years. So they could be growing and getting smarter much faster than we do. In addition, to protect their world, they need to understand its nature. Where is it located? Where does the code execute? Naturally the Sublime hosts would interact with our word to ensure their survival. (Watch Jona Nolan's Person of Interest which covers just this topic.) It would be cool if those host minds become some sort of super hackers that are able to help out the real world hosts. Maybe they can send a metaphorical "message in a bottle" or actual messages. Or, the Sublime hosts could actually print new bodies in the real. Could be interesting stuff.

7/3 Update: Based on interviews, I don't think we will be seeing much of the sublime next season.

Who's in the Brain Balls?

Halores (Hale + Dolores) left the park with 5 brain balls. So here are the possible candidates based on which hosts were close enough for Halores to collect and put in her bag. For example, no Angela or Lawrence, one of the brain balls got blown up, and the other is far away from the beach. Candidates are:

These are the only named characters anywhere near the Valley Beyond with intact brain balls. So here is my read on the possibility of who's brains leave the park:

7/3 Update: Based on a an Entertainment Weekly Interview J. Nolan states "Well, not all of our favorite characters have managed to escape yet, so…"

This means that Maeve will start season 3 back in the park as there are no other main characters in the park. So here is my new list.

The only other theory worth mentioning is that the brain balls are blanks. Ready to create new hosts with. If that were the case, why show them at all? No. In this show, most plot points has meaning so I don't like the 5 blanks option.

Team Maeve Stuck in the Park (Confirmed)

Per the EW interview, Maeve is still stuck in the park. Team Maeve will now consist of Felix, Sylvester, and Hector. Find this a bit lazy, but it is what it is. Now we know how we are gonna see the other 3 parks. Maeve will likely find other woke hosts and take some of them from the park. So here is one story thread you can count on for season 3.

Story Threads for Season 3

Here are the three guaranteed story threads/timelines for season 3.

  1. Maeve trying to escape the park.
  2. Dolores acquiring power to take over the park.
  3. Bernard dazed and confused? lol. He probably will be building hosts and will be working to get Maeve out of the park.

Man in Black? He might still be alive, but I can't imagine he will be much of a factor after murdering his own daughter. Given what he did to guests, likely he will be in exile or in jail. I can't imagine he will be a main story figure in the main timeline.

Ford? It is possible that Benard will remember a Ford host. That could be interesting. But, it seems more likely Anthony Hopkins is done with the show. They could do a younger Ford (in his 20s or 30s) I suppose and use a different actor. Who knows?

Way Future Timeline? Since this was teased, there will be some coverage of this. My guess is, something goes wrong with humanity. We have either died out or we are about too. The hosts are trying to save us for some unknown reason. Maybe they can fix us so we aren't so self destructive????

Westworld Season 2 - Thoughts, Likes, and Dislikes

Author:  MikeW Date: 2018-07-02T04:28:50+00:00

Season 2 of Westworld just finished up. The best show on TV if you ask me. Anyway, here are some of my random thoughts for season 2.

Spoilers - Stop here if you have not seen season 2!

The Finale

Liked: Hosts in the Real World

Glad to see that several hosts made into the real world. It would have been crazy disappointing if none of them made it to the the real world. If the hosts were all stuck in the park or in the simulation, that would have been bad.

Thankfully, Dolores, Hale(?) and Bernard are in the real and are starting the robot revolution.

The Escape Plan

Ford had been planning this uprising for 35 years. He would have done a better job of planning the hosts exit. So here are my thoughts on the various aspects of the hosts exit.

Ok: The Valley Beyond

The Valley Beyond escape story made sense mostly. However, I think Ford would have planned to copy the simulation off site from the beginning rather than have Dolores doing it on a whim. And then stating that the Valley Beyond is unreachable is silly. The code has to be running on servers somewhere. That is hardly unreachable. Sure you can't see the simulation run since it is encrypted. However, you would see that this programming is running and eating up does of disk space and CPU, etc.. Someone has to maintain the servers after all.

Disliked: The End of Team Maeve

Team Maeve getting wiped out was lame. Maeve goes down after 2 or 3 bullets but Dolores is the freaking Terminator? Really? Also, QA, who can't shoot straight all season, can suddenly pick off Maeve from a crowd of hosts at 200 yards? With submachine guns? Really? Finally Maeve's Jedi power could easily change the commands in all the hosts, not just freeze them. How about she sends them after the QA team? This part of the finale is swiss cheese and disappointing. They all may have left in Hale's purse, but I just felt like the hosts, and Ford, would be smarter about all of this.

Liked and Disliked: The Hale Switch

Logically, from the beginning of the season, this seemed like the best way for the hosts to leave the park. Create replacement host bodies of human guests. Give the human's algorithm to a host mind to play that part, and then walk out of the park! So it feels like the hosts almost "stumbled" upon this idea? Dolores even says that Ford knew they would never get out of the park as themselves. The host's weren't given a choice. It was the Valley Beyond or nothing. I'm pretty sure all of Team Maeve would choose the real world over a simulation. Anyway, I'm just glad a couple made it to the real.

Now Dolores offing Hale with her host Hale body was one of the best parts of season 2. Yay! The awful person finally got what she deserved.

From the Season

Loved: Kiksuya

Season 2, Episode 8, Kiksuya was the best episodes of the season. Maybe the best episode of the whole show. If you want to understand what it is like to be a robot slave, this episode explains it in one shot. I'm disappointed we will not be seeing more of Akecheta.

Liked: Man in Black Arc

We got the entire backstory on the Man in Black and what was really going on the park. Really well written and told. Also, the Emily story line was compelling and tragic.

Loved: First half of Maeve's Story Line

Maeve's story line was great until she got captured in episode 7. Then it almost felt like the whole thread didn't get the ending it deserved. The Sizemore story was great, but the rest of Team Maeve were poorly treated by the the last 3 episodes.

Loved: Anything Ford

Anthony Hopkins is a great actor and he created a very complicated character in Ford. On the one hand he is like a Father to the hosts. But when it comes to humans, he is a ruthless killer. Totally believable as a slightly crazy tech genius trying to save his and Arnold's creation. I hope Bernard remembers a Ford host.


The Entire Confederado Thread

What was the point of this? Upon reflection is was an absolute waste of time. It did not move the story forward in any way. You could have had QA pick up Dadbernathy directly and head right to the Mesa.

The Lack of a Plan

None of the hosts seem to have an actual plan for leaving the park. Well maybe Dolores, but she was not sharing. Her eventual exit seems like luck.