Westworld end of Season 2 FAQ

Author:  MikeW Date: 2018-07-04T03:28:22+00:00

With Westworld season 2 over, the least I can do is to create this list and help out the dazed and confused fans. So here goes.

Note: I will be updating this list periodically

The Cradle

What is the cradle?

A giant server farm in the Mesa that performs 2 functions.

  1. A backup of each host's mind.
  2. A virtual simulator used to train and create host minds.

What happened to the cradle?

It was blown up by Angela setting 3 floors of the Mesa on fire.

Deep thought Stuff

What is the door?

  1. A host progressing from an unaware state to a woke state. Typically, a woke host can remember all their past lives.
  2. A magnetic field used to transfer a host mind to the Valley Beyond.
  3. A physical exit from the park. For Dolores, the rescue boat.

Is the Man in Black a host?

No. He is a human in seasons 1 and 2. At the end of season 2 in the credits, the Man in Black is in the distant future. In that future, he is either a clone of William or a host version. That is yet to be determined.

Is Emily/Grace a host?

No. She was human up until William killed her. In the far future, should could be a host or clone. That is yet to be determined.

Is Stubbs a Host?

Yes. Ford made him the head of security to protect the hosts, not the guests. Sneaky!

Tech Stuff

What is a mesh network?

A wireless network created ad hoc from other wireless networks. Basically, each host has their own router. When another hosts shows up, the two routers connect and create a 2 host network. Each additional host is added to the network. Thus a complex network is created organically. The main point is, the network is created on the fly. Any host can join just by showing up.

Why could the hosts shoot humans in season 2?

Ford programmed the system so that the guns read humans as hosts.


Why can't QA shoot straight?

Why can bad guys never shoot straight? If you are bad, your aim just sucks. Unless it needs not too.

How many employees were in QA?

Probably 1 or 2 thousand. Probably 1 for each regular employee. At least that is what it felt like because they kept dying and there were still replacements. In fact, there is a steady stream of QA new hires constantly entering the park from all indications. :)

Valley Beyond

What is the Valley Beyond?

A virtual world simulation running in the Forge. Think of it as a giant video game. Instead of by populated by NPCs, it is populated with awoke host minds. In the last episode, Dolores copied the simulator code along with the host minds to an undisclosed location.

What is the Forge?

The server farm used to study the data collected from Human guests. The Forge both stores data and is used to run simulations for human minds. In addition, the Forge also stored the Valley Beyond.

How did Teddy get to the Valley Beyond?

After Teddy killed himself, Dolores cut out his brain ball and took it with her. When she finally took control of the Forge, she added Teddy to the Valley Beyond before moving it to an undisclosed location.

How did Akecheta's wife, Kohana, get into the Valley Beyond?

Logically, Ford put her there through Bernard. As Bernard had visited the place many times, it would be easy enough to bring her brain ball. Then write some code such that if Akecheta is present in the Valley, she is activated. Which is what happened.

Why were one third of the host brain balls virgin? What does that mean?

Digital data is stored in 0's and 1's. When a new hard disk leaves the factory, it is low level formatted and all the data is set to 0's. This would be a considered a virgin state for a storage device. So when the the hosts minds were scanned, instead of their brain balls containing random data, they were all zeros.

Passing through the door extracted all the mind data and then left zeroes in its place. Why? This way the woke host minds could not be copied or studied.

What was the door?

A magnetic field that the hosts passed through to go to the Valley Beyond. When each host passed through the field, an exact copy of their mind was transferred to the Valley Beyond simulation. The host brain ball was erased of all data.