Westworld Season 3 - Thoughts and Theories

Author: MikeW    Date: 2018-07-02 04:28:50 UTC   

With season 2 of Westworld over, it is a great time to make season 3 predictions. So here is my take.

Time Jump (2 to 5 years)

There will be some sort of time jump to start the season. There has been one already when Dolores created a new Bernard. Maybe not years, like the first time, but I would think maybe a few months. She would have a perfect memory of how to do that task.

Expect that the publicity fallout from the Westworld robot uprising has already taken place. Westworld itself is probably closed. Given the gala was there, it probably had the most deaths and witnesses. I can’t imagine anyone would consider the park safe after the incident. The less violent parks like the Raj are still going probably, and we will get to see the 3 remaining parks. My guess is the events of the uprising will lead to a long term decline for the Delos and the parks.

Team Dolores will be working toward taking control of the parks. Why? Because that is the best source of new hosts. Also, we will find out who is on Team Dolores. Who were in the 5 brain balls taken from the park.

Procreation Problems

The biggest problem the hosts will have to solve next season is procreation, how to make more hosts. The season ended with only 3 hosts escaping the park: Dolores, Hale(?), and Bernard. Hard to take over the world with three.

So the question becomes, what is the best way to move forward.

  • Clones? Have multiple Dolores hosts running around?
  • Make new hosts? Just make new hosts from scratch.
  • Replace humans. Do what you did to Hale on a larger scale. But of course, this assumes you make a new host mind first.

The show hasn’t really explored these ideas much. Clones/copies could be a very powerful option. You could trust yourself implicitly and synchronize your memories between host bodies. Computer systems actually work like this today. Multiple copies of the same server or program share the load. It would seem like a logical option for hosts. In addition, you would not have to make a copy look exactly the same. The Hale host could still have a Dolores brain ball in it for example.

Sublime Speculation

The writers are calling the Valley Beyond (the Sublime). Dolores mentioned there was no pathway between the worlds. The Sublime is hidden and encrypted. There is no way for us to get to it.

But the way computers actually work, the path would only be blocked one way, from our world to theirs. The simulation physically exists on a server someplace. You could see it and know that it does something, you just couldn’t access the internal processes. But unless, Dolores put the Sublime in a place completely isolated from the Internet (which she didn’t because you had to copy the code someplace over a network), the minds in the Sublime should be able to see out.

Having the host minds observe our world would be interesting to explore. Time for the Sublime probably moves faster than the real world. For example, Dolores created 120,000 different Bernards over a few years. Whereas, William only created 150 Jim Delos clones in 30 years. So they could be growing and getting smarter much faster than we do. In addition, to protect their world, they need to understand its nature. Where is it located? Where does the code execute? Naturally the Sublime hosts would interact with our word to ensure their survival. (Watch Jona Nolan’s Person of Interest which covers just this topic.) It would be cool if those host minds become some sort of super hackers that are able to help out the real world hosts. Maybe they can send a metaphorical “message in a bottle” or actual messages. Or, the Sublime hosts could actually print new bodies in the real. Could be interesting stuff.

7/3 Update: Based on interviews, I don’t think we will be seeing much of the sublime next season.

Who’s in the Brain Balls?

Halores (Hale + Dolores) left the park with 5 brain balls. So here are the possible candidates based on which hosts were close enough for Halores to collect and put in her bag. For example, no Angela or Lawrence, one of the brain balls got blown up, and the other is far away from the beach. Candidates are:

  • Dad Abernathy
  • Teddy
  • Bernard
  • Clementine
  • Team Maeve: Maeve, Hector, Armistice, and Japanese Armistice

These are the only named characters anywhere near the Valley Beyond with intact brain balls. So here is my read on the possibility of who’s brains leave the park:

7/3 Update: Based on a an Entertainment Weekly Interview J. Nolan states “Well, not all of our favorite characters have managed to escape yet, so…”

This means that Maeve will start season 3 back in the park as there are no other main characters in the park. So here is my new list.

  • Dad Abernathy (Likely) - Even though his brain is trashed, if he has all the guest data (which was implied last season), then it would be worth it to keep his brain. However, Dolores seemed to think she already had enough data and didn’t need all of it. So this would argue against. Plus Corporate would need the key to open the database and see there was no data on the Forge. If Dad’s brain ball is missing, that would throw suspicion on Hale.
  • Teddy (Unlikely) - All hosts that went to the Valley Beyond had their brain balls wiped completely. Logically, Teddy’s brain ball should be blank as well. Thus no need to take it out of the park.
  • Bernard (Likely) - Since Halores murdered 5 Delos employees, she must make it look like Bernard did the shooting. It would be suspicious if his brain ball were missing. My guess is she leaves Bernards damaged brain ball and Stubbs covers for her. “Clearly Bernard grabbed a gun and killed Strand and Co.”
  • Clementine (Likely) - A loyal follower throughout season 2, if Dolores thinks she can fix her, she might very well take Clem’s brain ball back.
  • Armistice and Japanese Armistice (Likely) - These two would make my brain ball count 5. You can take them off team Maeve with little impact on the story. Also, I think Armistice would side with Dolores given a chance. In fact, I think maybe Armistice is in Hale. Just her demeanor in the last scene had an Armistice sort of vibe.

The only other theory worth mentioning is that the brain balls are blanks. Ready to create new hosts with. If that were the case, why show them at all? No. In this show, most plot points has meaning so I don’t like the 5 blanks option.

Team Maeve Stuck in the Park (Confirmed)

Per the EW interview, Maeve is still stuck in the park. Team Maeve will now consist of Felix, Sylvester, and Hector. Find this a bit lazy, but it is what it is. Now we know how we are gonna see the other 3 parks. Maeve will likely find other woke hosts and take some of them from the park. So here is one story thread you can count on for season 3.

Story Threads for Season 3

Here are the three guaranteed story threads/timelines for season 3.

  1. Maeve trying to escape the park.
  2. Dolores acquiring power to take over the park.
  3. Bernard dazed and confused? lol. He probably will be building hosts and will be working to get Maeve out of the park.

Man in Black? He might still be alive, but I can’t imagine he will be much of a factor after murdering his own daughter. Given what he did to guests, likely he will be in exile or in jail. I can’t imagine he will be a main story figure in the main timeline.

Ford? It is possible that Benard will remember a Ford host. That could be interesting. But, it seems more likely Anthony Hopkins is done with the show. They could do a younger Ford (in his 20s or 30s) I suppose and use a different actor. Who knows?

Way Future Timeline? Since this was teased, there will be some coverage of this. My guess is, something goes wrong with humanity. We have either died out or we are about too. The hosts are trying to save us for some unknown reason. Maybe they can fix us so we aren’t so self destructive????