Ex Machina Quick Review (1/5)

Author: MikeW    Date: 2015-07-08 04:35:43 UTC   

Ex Machina is a scifi thriller about AI and androids (the robot kind, not the phone kind). The basic premise is a brilliant, but reclusive, genius founder of a Google like company lives in a remote place in Alaska or Canada. He invites his top developer out to his estate to help him with a top secret project which turns out to be a female android. The developer dude tests out the android and drama ensues when the android tells him the evil genius is an evil genius.

This review does contain spoilers so if that is an issue, stop reading now.

Spoiler Alert

So as you may have guessed I have a few issues with this film.

Most of the elements for the movie were just not believable for me.

First, I didn’t buy the whole evil genius lair in the woods. It just comes off as silly to me. Too hard to build. Too remote to be useful. The shear logistics are just dumb.

The evil genius dude seems more like a drunken hipster than some sort of software/hardware genius. At no point do I think the character is capable of making the female androids.

Finally, the female androids are over the top. This dude’s first attempt at an AI results in Blade Runner type androids? Please…