Ready Player One Quick Review (08/10)

Ready Player One is a sci-fi adventure taking place 50ish years in the future. The setting is a dystopian future after civilization has fallen to the usual culprits. So most people live in poverty.

The main hero of the story, Wade, lives in a trailer park in Columbus, OH with his Aunt. His parents died and his Aunt does her best, but she has poor taste and men which often results in bad outcomes for her and Wade.

However, everyone has access to supercool virtual reality version of the Internet called the Oasis. Think 3D games meets Amazon and Wikipedia. People do business, play games, and even go to school on the Oasis.

The main plot revolves around the founder of the Oasis. He died a view years back, but rather than passing his trillion dollar wealth to a relative, he left puzzles in the Oasis for users to solve. Essentially, if you are the first to solve all the puzzles, you gain control of the Oasis and become fabulously wealthy.

The movie is very true to the books. Lots of changes have been made to simplify the story. This results in some storylines are swapped between characters. But the story is still very good and the special effects are amazing. Nice acting job by the cast who split there time between the real and green screen.

I can’t give the movie a perfect score because of some of the changes swap pop culture references into the movie rather the nerd culture references in the book. So the movie is the same celebration of nerd culture that the book is. If you have not read the book, you probably don’t care. lol.

Highly recommended.

Ready Player One

Rating: 8/10
Maturity Rating: PG13

  • Fine for most kids.
  • Some violence in the film.

Altered Carbon Quick Review (10/10)

Altered Carbon is a 10 episode science fiction series on Netflix and one of the best pieces of sci-fi I have seen in a long time. The story takes place hundreds of years into the future. Humanity has moved to the stars. They have also invented technology that can copy your consciousness to a chip. Giving humanity immortality, if you can afford it. The rich (called Meths after Methuselah) can make clones of themselves and some are 500 years old. The poor can maybe afford maybe a new body (called a sleeve) or two, but the experience is less than smooth without clones.

The story is about Takeshi Kovacs, a former freedom fighter/terrorist (depending on your perspective) from 250 years ago who is freed from jail to solve a murder. Of course his body (sleeve) is long since dead and he wakes up in a different body to perform his task.

This is a gritty cyberpunk adventure which explores the ramifications of this technology while still telling a good story. The acting and writing are great leaving little to nothing for this picky reviewer to complain about. In the end, it is a story about love, friendship, and betrayal in a very interesting setting.

Highly recommended.

Altered Carbon

Rating: 10/10
Maturity Rating: Hard R

  • For nudity, adult situations, and violence
  • Not for the young ones.